18 September, 2014

5 Facts About Raja Nadia Sabrina

Bloggerati by Nuffnang is proud to have Nuffnang Featured Blogger Of The Month – Raja Nadia Sabrina, or better known as Sabrina to share a little bit about herself this week.

Sabrina is one of the new addition of Malaysia’s top Muslim fashion personality bloggers to our stable of bloggers, further securing Bloggerati by Nuffnang’s reputation as the top blogger agency for Malaysia’s biggest digital influencers.

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Who is Raja Nadia Sabrina?

Raja Nadia Sabrina, a blessed daughter, a wife to her husband @kneok / Abdullah Khubayb and a mother to her miracle daughter, Putri Jibrael Zumirrah. And here are some interesting facts about Sabrina that you might not know of:

Fact #1

She enjoys most forms of arts: from fashion, creative writing and blogging to music, dance, movies, theatres, paintings, etc. She was a cheerleader in High School and also regularly performed various types of modern and traditional dances – the highlight was dancing at the opening of the commonwealth games 1998.

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Fact #2

She is also a photography addict since she was small. She used to sneak in her camera to school to take pictures of her friends and herself. In the era before digital cameras, she would go and print the pictures, then take orders from her school friends and will then develop the pictures for her friends who ordered the pictures from her.

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Fact #3

When she was little, her ambition was to become a doctor, a lawyer or a lecturer. She grew up and reached her ambition as she studied and practised law for 6 years in various fields – from criminal and human rights to corporate and cross-border financing. But before she switched to law, not many people know that she was actually first an engineering student. If she wasn’t a lawyer or not working on her own fashion line, she would’ve loved to be a travel host and travel around the whole wide world.

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Fact #4

She’s an adventurous eater and will eat almost everything and anything! She’s a big foodie. Otak (Brain), Perut (Stomach), Lidah (tongue), she will eat them all!

Fact #5

She is a part-time wedding singer, she is sometimes invited to sing at the weddings of some of her family, relatives and closest friends. Her ambition now is to become a professional singer.

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Fact #6

She had a “diary” since she was 1 years old which was maintained by her mum every year near to her birthday. She took over the “baby book” when she found out about the book and continued to write in that book.


Want to know more about Sabrina? Read more about herself and her artistic expression at her blog:

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