Yuyu, the lively author behind, is a force to be reckoned with. Despite her petite frame (almost 140cm in height), she stands proud with her exceptionality. Many young readers look up to her as the role model in all things lifestyle, fashion, beauty and travel. Hong Kong, Australia and Indonesia are the few countries she’s explored recently with compliments from collaborating partners.

Yuyu is also always ready to rock her favourite Muslim-friendly fashion ensembles with much delight and confidence. Her easy-going sense of humour and approachability draws people in to her world. In fact, local media publications are on friendly terms with her, having offered features on the cover of Dara Magazine, Hijabista Magazine, Perempuan Magazine, RTM’s Generasi-Y, TV9’s Safiyya and many more.


Work with Yuyu Zulaikha


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