Cherrie Mun & Evangeline Yan

More commonly recognized as Duo Gigs, Cherie and Evangeline are prominent icons in the local fashion scene as they continue to make their presence known at the trendiest scenes in Kuala Lumpur. Given their creative and style differences, many would be surprised to learn that the two blog authors are in fact twin sisters.

Cherie, a freelance graphics designer, is easily recognizable with her ethereal flowing long hair while Evangeline opts for a more subdued yet intense look that is favorable towards monochromes. Given the chance, the sisters welcome any opportunities to enjoy delightful cuisines reviewing new restaurants and caf├ęs in town. The duo also enjoys discovering the next fashion muse beyond the country borders and sporadically produces travel style videos taken at their trysts.


Work with Cherrie Mun & Evangeline Yan


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