15 October, 2014

5 Facts About Karen Kho

Who is Karen Kho?

Karen Kho is a fitness addict who aspires to motivate her followers to lead a fitter, healthier lifestyle. She is also one of the new addition to Bloggerati and being Nuffnang Featured Blogger Of The Month, we have her with us to share some interesting facts about herself.

Karen Kho

#1 Capturing the Moment Before It’s Gone
I love playing with light and photography, capturing some of the amazing scenes and moments that I see. Perhaps it matches my personality, that I love the quietness and stillness of waiting for the perfect moment for the shot. We can’t stop time, but photos can save the moment and turn these special times into unforgettable memories. Although I’m not a professional but I am working hard to improve my photography skills.


#2 Music Makes Me Happy
I used to learn piano and violin when I was younger, but I’ve stopped for more than 10 years. I still keep my piano and occasionally play with it whenever I’m home. I think it’s the best way to release stress.


#3 Secretly An Introvert
I’m not good at expressing myself and I’m shy too. That is why blogging, photography and music seems to be one of the ways to express and share my feelings to the world. It might sound weird but I want to share my thoughts with others in a different way. It could be because I don’t have any siblings, hence I have no one to talk to. I always wanted to be understood and hopefully I can meet someone who’s like me.


#4 High Achiever
My friends always say that I’m too aggressive and competitive and I stresses myself out all the time. This is mainly because of the people around me. It is very difficult for outsiders to understand because I’m a very insecure person.


#5 Scraping Off The Bucket List
There’s a bucket list of places that I want to visit. I want to explore the world. I want to visit all the places on my bucket list before I grow old. One of my dreams is to earn more money, retire young and to bring my family and my loved one on a great leisure trip, to enjoy the lifestyle together.


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